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April 2022

The beggining

Athena Greek goddess of wisdom and scien
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Ricardo Ramirez


  Making an Art and Culture magazine was a dream that I started several years ago. Some of the articles and interviews that we show today are part of that initial project. The objective has not changed: to create an alternative medium to the mainstream, to official art, to make room for the artistic disciplines and their artists who resist submitting to the unique and totalitarian vision of postmodernism. And so, give space to the art that the hegemonic power keeps off the radar and marginalized from traditional artistic circuits.


   Art, which despite its discrimination and marginalization, is the creation that most people expect to see and hear. Yes, because despite the gigantic lobby in favor of official art and against true art, it is the art that (without further explanation or intermediaries, or trained curators to induce feelings) simply likes, elevates, moves and feeds our spirit. in a positive dimension, of good. It is the art that focuses on beauty, on the transcendental, and therefore is based on multidimensional reality.

   The magazine could not materialize before, because it was stopped by the insurgents who attacked the West, a fact that confirms that we started late, a hundred years late, because the degradation in the categories of thought, in the collective unconscious, especially in youth, it had already reached a critical mass that was functional to the deconstructivist revolutionary process. The same ugliness and horror that we used to only see in "art halls" and museums, today dot all the streets, squares and monuments. The performances were shamelessly unmasked and shown in acts of depravity and degradation of the “Being” of the human being. Ugliness took civilization by storm and like stonemasons, their henchmen, hammer blow by hammer blow, were destroying what took centuries to build.

   The attack was progressive, it started from art,  seducing us with that "you will be like gods", a deception to tie us in an enclosure in our own subjectivity, in our own "goddess reason", obscuring the entire West of ethical and aesthetic relativism. For this reason, both before and today, the creation of a magazine that confronts art with the depth that it has, is essential for any serious cultural battle that is intended to take place. Without the recovery of beauty, the cultural battle would be nothing more than a tantrum, a superficial disagreement, economic, or material privileges. Well, you won't be attacking what is substantial, and in that art is the key.


Yes, art is the key, and little by little through the Advanced editions, we will be able to go deeper and demonstrate why this is so. It is a destiny to which our sector never sailed and which the other very cleverly (Luciferianly) degraded.

I leave you affectionately invited to enjoy our pages, to live the adventure of learning something unknown, because what they contain will not only surprise you, but will change you, it is the red pill, it is coming out of the cave, of subjectivity postmodernist and dare to enjoy reality. Accompanied and guided by a team of good people, professionals of an unbeatable international level of which I feel privileged to be a part.


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