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"And how do we get to  This ?"

by Claudia Ormeno

Communicator, Activist

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Claudia Ormeno

Claudia Ormeno

- Graduate  in Veterinary  

- Communicator  and Influencers .

-Activist and committed to politics .


Just to start I want to pose two questions, so that we can really answer the initial question. The first: How much have we heard about the cultural battle? Second, if the battle is cultural, why do we continue to defend and work on political ideas?

Various thinkers, even before Marx, have developed a line of thought that is destructive to people. And I start with this, talking about people and not individuals because individuals can be bacteria, ants or any subject of interest, I am interested in enhancing people, understanding them as a material and spiritual binomial, recognizing their dignity and their unique personality. Not considering this is one of the first errors that we usually observe in defenders of political ideas.

Let's understand culture as an organic between several factors, in our case, Western culture composed of four pillars: science, philosophy, art and religion. Here lies the second error. Once again we desperately try to raise political ideas, when in reality what we should be doing is recovering and defending our Western culture at all costs. Culture that allowed us the development we had. But today it is seriously threatened by an uncivilizing current, very evident in the aberrant behaviors that our society presents on a daily basis. From the lack of respect for institutions, the social rules established for the common good, the loss of values such as ethics, morals, among others, including not respecting public spaces and destroying them. How can someone not value a beautiful environment?

Ancient fortress in Khotyn in morning sun with mist, West Ukraine. Majestic fortification

But we keep making mistakes. We continue to raise flags that will actually make little sense to an infected culture. We even join their cause, defending "our ideas" falling into materiality. Over valuing economic models and explaining that the free market is the fairest, most democratic way, that respects individuality and personal freedoms, "stability", which has led many countries to success, among many other arguments.

If Gramsci existed in these times, he would laugh in our faces, although I have no doubt that those who promote postmodernism do. We are thinking like Marx. The funny thing is that "our" speech is "Marxist ideas are failed ideas."

Being art one of the pillars of culture, it shows us in a palpable way how this process of cultural decline has been. We must first differentiate between a true work of art and the construct that postmodernism promotes as such. Since the French revolution we have had a massive loss of artistic tradition, after a great persecution and killing of artists, since then art begins to lose fundamental elements. The decline began, but it is in the Frankfurt school where all thinkers settle to formalize cultural destruction, with a single purpose: to deconstruct people for political purposes. Deconstructing art is quite simple, the complex is what it generates at a cultural level. But, all is not lost, because in our favor we have reality, truth and the search for good and transcendence naturally in the human being. It is enough just to present a true work of art to a person, to ignite a spark inside him, to reach the soul. Isn't this what art intends?

Unrecognizable woman holding a bible in her hands and praying.jpg

I want to close with an example that should guide us all and not go unnoticed in the history books. In Cuba, it was a group of shy poets, in the community of San Isidro, who clandestinely got together to write and recite true poetry, without political colors, real art, who lit a flame of hope in an entire country that was oppressed during decades. They dared to cross the barriers of postmodernism, although many of them, strangely enough, are "political prisoners". Today a political movement called "San Isidro" is rising in honor of them, which rebels against political hegemony. This example shows us that an act of honest cultural defense ends in the awakening of a society and the defense of the good itself. Organically, a group of people reacted politically and not the other way around.

We must work to resume and enrich our culture again, it is the only way to have a better society, to get out of the self-destructive abyss to which they are taking us. And it doesn't make any sense to continue placing expectations on politics, which should only represent the ideas of a society. If a society is in decline, democracy will lead us to political decline.

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